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How Does THIS SITE Ranking Check Tool Work?

If you'd like to learn the PR of any website, you want to the Link for numerous web pages - not simply the "Home" web page.  There will vary PR values for each and every link. If you anticipate purchasing advertising or buying a "used" website, this free PR Checker can help you create the best decision.


The PR Checker on Small SEO Tools Kit offers advanced understanding not commonly found with other free PR checkers. The red results inform you when a PR is imitation, or false. You observe, some shady individuals use a number of methods to produce a "spoof" PR. You can use this tool to check the validity of a site before it is bought by you, or buy advertising, and save from getting scammed. The bottom line is, most tools will highlight only a PR and you also could be suckered into squandering your money over a fraud. However, Small SEO Tools Kit offers a color scheme to recognize the Imitation PR from True PR, proclaiming to offer you satisfaction

About Google Web page Rank

pr (called after Larry Web page) is a web link analysis algorithm employed by Google that steps just how many links indicate a site or page, and more importantly the value or quality of the sites that provide those links. It runs on the numerical scale, with 0 being minimal important and 10 being the main. So that they can "cheat the machine", some site owners have tried to acquire links back again to their website longing for a higher PR. However, those low quality links can have a negative impact and bring about a lower Google Page Rank. In addition, an internet site may be penalized or blocked from serp's, giving priority to web and websites pages which may have quality linkbacks and content that is valuable to humans. If your PR Test outcomes are less than you'd like those to be, you might like to use this ONE WAY LINK Check tool to look for the PR (value) of sites that are linking to your internet site or page, then further examing the worthiness of every individual link with this Link Analysis tool. Also, you may use this Backlink Maker tool to produce valuable (high PR) linkbacks. Page Rank is merely updated 2 to 3 times a year, therefore the best insurance policy is to place your very best ft . forward with value link constructing and quality content, and then run this test over a quarterly basis to see if there are any changes. IMPORTANT: Please USUALLY DO NOT modify the code, otherwise we cannot guarantee the right work of the free pr checking tool that presents the pr value!